Graphic Novel: The Amulet


Part One

Kibuishi, Kazu. (2008). The Stonekeeper. New York: Scholastic.

GENRE: Graphic Novels, Adventure, Fantasy, Science fiction

GRADE LEVEL: 5th grade and Up


Part Two

Before reading the book, I always like reading and looking at the cover to make some predictions of what the storyline might be (as always). My predictions included that there might be death, mystery, and magic involved. The reason I choose death as my prediction that uses the symbolic theme of death that continues to repeat and present itself in most of the readings that I have posted on this blog. Important issues that come across the book is the aftermath of losing a significant loved one, and how that affects the environment of those around other characters. Overall, I would display and use this book as a book of interest in my classroom, meaning that the book will be there if they find it interesting.


  Part Three

Themes that are common, and recur when reading the Amulet is friendship, trust, love, family, and having the ability to believing in yourself. The pressure to living up to the expectations of being a Stone Keeper, and having to defend your family is emphasized throughout the beginning of the book. It is shown at first with the father who tells the family that they will be alright, the mother who becomes the rock for her kids, and then the oldest sister, Emily who has to rescue the mother, and defend the brother while having to battle evil, while protecting and learning how to use the stone. Emily also has the pressure of living up to the expectations of her great, great, grandfather. This book touches many important elements and themes that happen on a day to day bases, which is great way to analyze with in a curriculum.


Part Four


LESSON OBJECTIVE: Students will be able to analyze and identify, main themes, and characteristics from the story and compare them to real life experiences.



  1. If you had a superpower what would it be? Why?
  2. How would you use the superpower?
  3. What type of character do you see yourself being, if you were in the Amulet?
  4. What are some themes that stand out to you?
  5. How do you mirror those themes to real life events?
    1. That might be happening around you.
    2. Maybe someone you might know.



Students will pick three main themes from the comic that are similar to real life experiences. On a white piece of paper, students will then create their own comic. They will draw, write, and color, a reflection of a real life event, and how they see themselves using the Amulet to solve a difficult problem.

Extra: If students choose to they are able to make their comic strip and put in a 2.0 tool.  





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