Bridge to Terabithia Challenged Book


Part 1


Paterson, Katherine (1977). Bridge to Terabithia. Thomas Crowell.


Children’s Literature

Grade Level:  Elementary Level- Grades 6th-9th


Part 2

Bridge to Terabithia central plot themes consists of authentic world problems that face us on a day to day bases. The main plots talked about in this book are death, new age religion, secular humanism, satanism. This book reminded me a lot of Friends and how it sends out the message of friendship and life. Parents and teachers usually have this common misconception that children’s minds are very delicate, and when children are faced with any of these events, they might not know how to go about it in the real world. I would teach this book in my classroom because it is a great way to talk about coping mecaneisims, and being able to challenge my students way of thinking when it comes to dealing with bulling abuse, and death.


Part 3

There are many reasons why Bridge to Terabithia has been censored, yet it is a great book to talk about with students. As teachers, we need to guide our students into knowing what they are reading, like this book. The challenges that view in this book is the profanity used, and the way that students might view life. Children are often told not to say, or use profanity in the world because it is not right, yet adults still do it. I am not saying that I advocate for the profound language but instead we can teach students why these words are being used, the meaning behind them, and what might be the reason they are saying it in the book. Death and bullying is also part of life, and it happens around us but learning how to cope with it, is a very different thing. We can teach our students how to deal, and act when facing this challenges.

Part 4

Objective: Students will demonstrate their knowledge between the two books The Friends & Bridge to Terabithia. Each student will individually write differences, and similarities between these two books.

 Discussion Questions:

  1. How does this book relate to the book Friends by Yumoto, Kazumin
  2. How does Jess and Leslie’s relationship grown and change through out the book? And how does the relationship between the 3 boys and the older man evolve?
  3. What are some of the recurring themes in these two stories?
  4. Why where these two books censored? Where? Why?




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