Multicultural/Global book

Part 1


Park, Linda Sue (2002). When my Name was Keoko. Clarion Books.



Historical fiction


Grade Level:  Elementary Level- Grades 4- Upper grades


Part 2

As I stare at the front cover, I notice two young children staring at each other. Two military airplanes are flying in one direction, and in the middle of the cover, in big white letters is written, When My Name was Keoko. My prediction for this book is based on the Vietnam war, about a family who is struggling to survive the hardships, and task that comes their way.


Part 3

The plot of the storyline is that Japan had taken over Korea, and its moral society, by destroying their culture; such as, making them change their Korean name to Japanese ones. The setting for this novel is based in Korea during World War II. I believe that the theme of this book is that one should not feel ashamed to stand up for what they believe is morally right. The style and the way the text is written was from two different first person points of views, in which the author switches between Sun-Hee and Tae-Yul. Moreover, the printed styles are quite repetitive, which makes the characters lack development.


Part 4

After reading the book When my Name was Keoko the students would be able to construct a power point presentation of their families roots. If the student is unable to do so, then they can build a power presentation of their cloture background. The students will be able to bring in a family heirloom to present to their class if they choose too. In the end, each student has to write a synopsis of different cultural background.


  1. What are they most proud about themselves?
  2. Male and female and different perspectives and gender role?
  3. If they are able to travel back in time how would they handle a specific conflict differently?



When My Name Was Keoko Book Trailer



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