Caldecott Book

The Caldecott book that my group and I discussed for week 3 was Burton, Virginia Lee, The Little House.

 Part 1


Burton, Virginia Lee (1942). The Little House. Houghton Mifflin Company.

Genre: Picture Book

Grade Level:  Elementary Level- Grades K-3rd

Part 2

The Little House was very enjoyable to read because I was able to have a connection in which the House had been feeling each time she was part of a new environment. This is a great book to use with Kindergarten all the way to 3rd grade. The author illustrates the different types of social-emotional skills the House was going through, and that is something that the students might be able to relate. This book is an excellent introduction to different, environments, weather, and seasons not just in the illustrations but also in how the text is integrated with the pictures.

Part 3

In the book, Lee gives the House a lot of emotion and personal characteristics which allows the reader to have an emotional connection. Before opening the book, the front cover has illustrations which seem to be part of the 40’s era. There is a small house in the center of the book in which it is being surrounded by the sun with a face on it, birds, trees and green grass. The House seems to be smiling at the reader, and on the driveway, in soft, bold letters it says “Her Story.” Giving the reader another clue about what the book might be.

Part 4

After reading the book The Little House the student will be able to construct, and organize the three types of Communities that they see in the book.  At the end of the project the students will also learn to identify the 4 types of seasons.


1) What kind of community do you live in?

2) Please draw the 4 types of seasons that you see in your community?



Seasons Song Video

Urban, Suburban and Rural Communities | First and Second Grade Social Studies Lesson





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