Touch Stone: Holes


The touch stone book that my group and I discussed for week 2 was Louis Sachar, Holes. 

Part 1


Sachar, Louis (1999). Holes. Random House Children’s Books.


Realistic Fiction because the events for each character, and the plot is relevant to current events.

Grade Level:  Elementary- Upper Grade-4th grade

Part 2

A couple of prompts that I would use when reading the book in the classroom is having students scaffold between every couple of chapters. I could also incorporate some ELA while reading the book; such as having students look for “compare and contrast,” “again and again,” and any other structure texts.

Part 3

Holes capture my attention by allowing me to think outside of this realistic fictional plot. The way that they portray each character allows the reader to have an emotional understanding of why an individual character is a way s/he is.

Part 4

After reading the book “Holes,” the student will be able to answer some critical reading questions and then share amongst their peers.


1) What character are you able to relate too? Why?

2) Why is the book called Holes?



Holes – Trailer


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